The Importance of Keeping a Well Maintained Air Conditioning System Cannot Be Under Estimated


This is particularly important if you have odours or smells coming from your unit.



What causes this?

It is principally caused by the growth of bacteria on the AC evaporator and in the remains of any water (condensate) still sitting in the plastic box that surrounds the evaporator. In a mild case it smells similar to a fridge which is opened for the first time after several days. In a serious case it can smell a great deal stronger.We all have different abilities in our sense of smell and what may be a slight annoyance to one person might be almost unbearable to another. This bacteria can be serious enough to cause mild to severe throat infections or other ailments not investigated as yet.

How do these bacteria appear in sufficient numbers to cause either a smell or a health problem?

If the cars AC is working well then new condensate is appearing on the evaporator all the time and simply washes any existing bacteria off, collects in the tray beneath and then drips onto the road through the condensate pipe. But if the AC is scarcely working, usually due to low refrigerant charge, this condensate is not being produced and this small amount of water becomes polluted with bacteria, verdigris and every other nastiness there may be in the air and with fairly ideal breeding conditions in a warm damp place turns into a veritable soup. Quite simply recharging the AC and bringing the condensate supply back to normal may wash this nastiness away and within a day or so may completely remove the unpleasant smells. Sometimes however perhaps due to the design of the evaporator the smell lingers a little. Rather than trying to disguise it with scented products it is better to eliminate it altogether with a bacterial disinfectant in the form of an aerosol spray or better still an ultrasonically produced disinfecting mist which is circulated around the cabin, the vents, the ducting and the evaporator.

How to rid your car of these bacteria?

Often simply recharging the system will cure the problem. If however the car has been recharged recently and yet the smell still persists then the problem is likely to be more deep seated and the system airways may need disinfecting.

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