DPF / Carbon cleaning

What is a DPF?

The Diesel Particulate Filter is in the exhaust system of all diesel-powered cars. It is a vital component that is designed to enable cars to pass increasingly tough emissions legislation. The DPF’s job is to trap the particles that are caused by the compression-ignition combustion process and thereby prevent harmful smoke from being pumped into the atmosphere. Like any filter, the DPF will gradually get clogged with the soot that it traps. However, the car is designed to clean it by heating this residue up, turning it to ash and expelling it. This happens about every 300 miles, either when you travel at motorway speed, or because the Engine Control Unit initiates what’s known as regeneration by raising exhaust temperatures artificially.



Why to clean a DPF?

In stop/start traffic, or on short journeys, a regeneration may not get time to complete. This will cause the DPF to block partially and an orange light will come on in the instrument cluster. Ignore the light and continue driving slowly or in traffic and eventually the engine will lose power and stop. If the car needs a new DPF, we’re talking more than £1000, that’s why it’s important to clean the DPF when the light first appears.

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Check out the video of the DPF cleaning process.

The video shows very quick demonstration of what the DPF cleaning process looks like. The WHOLE process takes about 2 hours and it involves:
1) computer connection which read faults, read actual values and then cleans the faults.
2) DPF machine connection into exhaust system to inject special liquid. The process is repeated once more.
3) Second Computer connection to check values
4) Drive test
5) Third Computer connection to check and print final values

The whole DPF cleaning process costs £150 + VAT which is cheaper than fitting new DPF.

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