How do you know if you need to change your tyres?

You need to be aware of three things when deciding if you need new tyres:

  • tread wear
  • exposure to the elements
  • tyre age

Why worry about tread wear?

Safety is one of the most significant reasons why you should worry about tread wear. Worn out tyre treads may cause your car to respond poorly in adverse weather conditions like rain or snow whereas with good treads your car will have a better grip of the road. Moreover having insufficient tread is considered illegal. Worn treads can also make other parts of your car wear prematurely.

Exposure to the elements

Exposure to elements such as heat, the sun’s ultraviolet rays and cold may cause structural changes to your tyres. These changes however are not usually a concern in moderate climates.



Tyre age

How old are your tyres? Regardless of tread wear, it is recommended that you replace your tyres at 6 – 10 years. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on your specific tyres or enquire about the condition of your tyres in our garage.

I need new tyres

We have a great selection of new and second hand quality tyres to fit your vehicle and your budget. Whether you’re preparing for winter and need tyres that have a better grip of the road in cold weather or simply need to change your old tyres just ask our staff about it and we can advise you what would be best for your car and your wallet!


Quote online note

When you book the quote online please give us the answers to the following points. You will be able to do that in the message box that will appear while booking.
1) Would you like new or part worn
2) Would you like the matching pair (if part worn)
3) The size of the tyres
4) Quantity
5) Quality
– brand
– budget/ middle range/ high quality

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