3D Wheel Alignment / Tracking / Geometry

When you will buy 4 tyres from Modlen Garage, you will receive a Birthday Present –  3D Front Tracking :)

The Offer is valid until 23th of December 2019.


Correct wheel alignment is important in order to avoid irregular tyre wear and even problems in handling and safety of the vehicle. Anything from hitting a kerb or driving into a pot hole to excessive wear to steering can affect wheel alignment, that’s why it is important to regularly check it and keep an eye out for any signs of wheel alignment being incorrect. The signs may include things like unusual wear on tyres such as premature wear on either side or pull/drifting to right or left.

Checking your wheel alignment regularly can help you avoid frequent replacements of the tyres by prolonging their life and increase fuel efficiency due to reduced rolling resistance with the road, and therefore saving you some money.

If you think you should check the wheel alignment in your car or you are unsure about whether it is correct, just give us a call and we will book an appointment or simply advise you what to do.



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