Seasonal Checking

For just £29.99 we can carry out Seasonal Check.

This includes a comprehensive visual check of your vehicle, as detailed below, and we will top up your engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and screen wash giving you the peace of mind to tackle  winter or holiday time with confidence.

During the service we check:
  • Condition of exterior lights
  • Screen wash level
  • Oil level
  • Tyre condition and pressures
  • Battery and Alternator condition
  • Exhaust condition
  • Cooling system condition and levels
  • Wiper blade condition
  • Anti-freeze strength
  • Brake condition and fluid level


At the same time it is also worth to consider to add some additives. Modlen Garage has a complete solution to fight against contamination and keep engines cleaner for longer and also to help your vehicle fight against fuel system contamination. We have been testing these engine and fuel additives for years, and we have no doubt that they work. However, it is not necessary to overuse them. Therefore we suggest to complete your own research and/or consult with a professional to match the correct products for you needs with an understanding on what the products actually do and how this translates into measurable results for you.

Modern driving habits, extended oil drain periods and stop-start driving place a high demand on modern oil, leading to contamination build up on key components within the engine.



Both petrol and diesel consist of organic matter. Natural degradation and combustion of organic matter creates contamination which quickly builds up on key components within the engine affecting fuel injectors, inlet and exhaust valves and exhaust gas recirculation valves. This has a detrimental effect on vehicle efficiency.

Oil System Cleaner neutralises acid, adds lubricity and dissolves contamination that has built up in the crankcase.

•  Fuel System and Diesel System Cleaner products remove contamination and protect against future harmful build up. When added to the fuel tank, they add lubricity and clean contamination in the fuel lines, injectors, combustion chamber, inlet and exhaust valves.

•  DPF & Turbo System Cleaner lowers the temperature at which soot particles can be burnt off, enabling the system to passively regenerate.

There are legitimate circumstances when additives offer genuine benefits when chosen correctly and matched to actual requirements.

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